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Jump off Rock is located in the Town of Laurel Park, NC. The long range mountain views along with the legends makes this one of the most popular attractions in the area. Years ago, as the history would have it, many big bands played at the rock and dancing there was popular. Somewhere along the way the tradition was discontinued. Many years have passed since music and dancing was part of the rock. Now with just the memories and stories of the gatherings and dancing at the rock quickly fading, the Laurel Park Civic Association in cooperation with the Town of Laurel Park have resurrected the days of old and brought back a great music and dance venue. The first of many music concerts was reestablished on July 17, 2010 featuring the Lonesome Road Band. The first event was attended by many and received with overwhelming responses by many who attended. The second concert is planned for May 21, 2011 when the Lonesome Road Band, back by popular demand, will take the stage again. A $10 donation per person is suggested and will assist the LPCA bringing other concerts to the rock in 2011!  This venue guarantees one of the most memorable music experiences in the area. Check back often for event and ticket information.

The legend of Jump off Rock

Several legends exist to account for Jump-Off Rock's name; all seem to involve Indian maidens. The most prevalent is the story of a young Cherokee maiden who often met her Cherokee lover here. When he had to leave for a tribal war, they promised to meet at the Rock on his return. Every evening the maiden climbed to the rock to watch for her lover. One day, warriors returning from the battle brought news of her lover's death. That evening she climbed the Rock, went out to the edge, and jumped. Legend has it that on some moonlit nights, her ghost can be seen looking for her lover on Jump-Off Rock.

The legend of Jump off Rock provided by the Town of Laurel Park website